Electoral reforms task force meets CMD board

Moving the agenda forward, the Electoral Reforms Task Force on Thursday, August 18, 2015 had an interface meeting with the board of the Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) to update them on the progress so far.

The meeting held in Lilongwe provided an opportunity for the Task Force to take the CMD board through the background to the reforms agenda and the action plan now that there is an issues paper documenting all the proposed reforms.

Opening the meeting, Co-chairperson of the Task Force, Commissioner Ambassador Rev Emmanuel Chinkwita-Phiri commended the leadership of CMD for being present for the meeting.

The Commissioner said  meeting the Task Force gave an opportunity to present the electoral reform strategy, the processes undertaken in a form of a background and progress so that the board had a clear picture on where and how the electoral reforms initiative had gone so far.

“The Task Force realizes that CMD members are a very critical stakeholder in the whole cycle of electoral reforms. We also appreciate that CMD has been a member of the Task Force and has participated effectively in all activities of the task force.


“But we thought it wise that we find a fora where we can discuss with all members on what has been done and what is being proposed. This is one way of demonstrating that the reforms are not for selected few but for everyone,” he said.


He said the Task Force on Electoral Reforms had given priority to CMD members before meeting other stakeholders as a way of showing how crucial they are in the electoral reforms process.


In his remarks, the Chairperson of CMD board, Mr Khwauli Msiska said his body valued the work of the Task Force because it was dealing with elections which are the core of all political exercises.


“We take the meeting seriously and we appreciate the task force, we are committed and I wish to assure you of our utmost support. We will be there to ensure that the activities of the Task Force reach a logical conclusion,” he said.


Members of the Electoral Reforms Task Force are CMD, Malawi Law Commission,  Malawi Electoral Commission, Malawi Electoral Support Network, Malawi Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Ministry of Justice, National Initiative for Civic Education, National Democratic Institute,  Non-Government Organisation Gender Coordination Network, Public Affairs Committee and United Nations Development Programme.