Polling in by-elections

Next week Tuesday, December 22, 2015 the Commission will conduct by-elections in Zomba Chisi Constituency, Mtope ward in Mchinji West Constituency and Ngala Ward in Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency.

The official campaign period ends on Sunday, December 20, 2015 6am. Today we take time to remind the eligible voters on some pertinent issues for the smooth running of the polling process.

Political parties and candidates should help in mobilising their voters and followers to turn out in large numbers on the polling day. In past by-elections it was observed that party campaign rallies were well patronised but the turn out on the polling day was around 25 percent. Party patriotism should not end at attending rallies but giving the party or the candidate the votes on the polling day.

Polling stations will open at 6am and close at 6pm or when the last person to be on the queue before closing time casts his or her vote.

All voters when going for polling should not wear or carry any paraphernalia that can be identified with a particular party or candidate. Also no campaign material or activity will be allowed  within 100 metre radius of the polling stations.

All voters are reminded to take their voter certificates when going for polling. If the voting certificate was lost do not despair, go to the centre you registered and you will be assisted to vote if your name is found in the voters' roll. Remember to give the actual names used during registration.

You will choose a candidate of your choice by ticking inside the box that is next to the symbol and picture of the candidate of your choice. Make sure that the tick fits inside the box and does not spill to the other boxes. those who cannot tick, will thumb print in the box. Make sure that you do not smudge the ballot paper because that can lead to the vote being rendered null and void.

Persons with special needs shall be helped with priority. Expectant mothers, the sick, the elderly and persons with physical challenges are not supposed to queue. Once they reach the polling station they are supposed to identify themselves to the marshals who will usher them to the front of the queue for immediate assistance.

After close of polling, counting of results shall start immediately. The Commission will announce the determined results on Wednesday, December 23, 2015.