Registration and inspection of voters roll

The Malawi Electoral Commission has announced that on December 22 2015 it will hold by-elections in one constituency and two wards to fill the existing vacancies as follows:

  • in Zomba Chisi constituency where the Member of Parliament, Hon Chizalo Peter Mangulenje died on 23 September 2015
  • in Mtope ward in Mchinji West Constituency where Councillor John Msumatiza on July 26, 2015
  • In Ngala ward where Councillor Misheck Chandi Khomba anasiya resigned on personal grounds on September 8, 2015.

The Commission held stakeholders' meeting last Saturday in all these three places to brief stakeholders on the calendar for these by-elections. Considering that not all stakeholders might not have made it to the meetings we will take time to share some of the crucial information about these by-elections staring with the registration and inspection of voters roll exercise.

Registration and inspection of the voters roll exercise starts tomorrow, Thursday November 26 and ends on Monday, November 30, 2015 in all the three areas.

All those who registered for the May 2014 elections should go to the centre where they registered to inspect their details in the voters register. They need not to register again. If they lost their voter certificate they should go to the centre and ask for a replacement certificate that will facilitate their voting on December 22, 2015.

Fresh registration is for all persons from the three voting areas who have attained the voting age (turning 18), after May 20, 2014 or will attain the voting age by December 22, 2015. These should go to their nearest centre within this period and register.

The registrants must also be Malawians. Foreigners who have ordinarily been resident in the areas where the by-elections are taking place for not less than seven years will be allowed to register.

To facilitate registration, they need to present identification which can a driving licence, a letter from a village head, school or examination identity card among others. They can also be vouched by a registered voter.

Since this is a by-election, no transfers will be accepted. People who have moved into these places will not be allowed to transfer in order to participate in the vote.

It is an electoral offence to obtain registration fraudulently. Village heads are reminded not to bear testimony for anyone who is ineligible to register this time around. It is also an offence to register more than once.

It is the duty of all stakeholders to encourage the registrants to participate in this exercise. Parents with children who have qualified to register should encourage them to take the first step in exercising their right to choose leadership by registering.