MEC staff donate to STEKA HOUSE



 On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) staff led by Chief Election Officer, Willie Kalonga donated various groceries to Step Kids Awareness (STEKA) House in Blantyre as part of corporate social responsibility.

STEKA is a home for abandoned and abused children that aims to provide safe, long-term care for the city’s street children.

Run by Godknows Maseko and his wife Hellen, STEKA offers a family environment where children can be taught important life skills and given much-needed love and security.

Speaking during the handover, the MEC chief Elections Officer called on people to emulate what his staff did adding that, people who have a little more should be quick to give to the ones who are less fortunate.

“When we give it is not because we have a lot but it is because we learn through the bible in John 3:16 that God gave and we also should give out of love. So today the children of STEKA should know they are and should grow to be givers too.”

In his acceptance speech founder and director Godknows Maseko gave a brief history of STEKA and thanked MEC for its generosity.

He said the gifts were much welcomed and would go a long way in helping in feeding the kids and lessen his spending on school supplies.

“I always thought MEC only cares about electoral processes. STEKA is honored by these thoughtful gifts and I’m praying that God would increase staff members at MEC in every way imaginable.

“STEKA does not have any donor funding, we rely on God and my tailoring business to provide funding for food, school fees and school supplies. This will go a long way in easing our financial burdens, “ he said.

There are currently 52 children in the STEKA family, ranging from youths of 17 to toddlers aged 2. At STEKA, the children are able to attend school, and are also provided with private tuition by a teacher who comes to the house to tutor three times a week; a number of STEKA children have gone from a position of having little or no education, to being top students in their school classes.

 During weekday evenings, the children read stories and study and at weekends the family unit participates together in clothes washing, cooking, attending church, and watching television together

MEC staff donated assorted items including schools books, washing powder, bathing soap, cooking oil, beef, eggs, clothes, pens, pencils among other items.