Reverend Baloyi takes oath of office

The Chief Justice of the Republic of Malawi has completed the exercise of swearing in the newly appointed Commissioners of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) with Reverend Clifford Baloyi taking oath of office on 15th July 2016 at the High Court in Blantyre.

The eight of Commissioners were appointed by the State President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in on June 6, 2016 in consultation with leaders of political parties represented in Parliament.

Commissioners Rev Killion Mgawi, Bishop Mary Nkosi, Ambasador Yahaya M’madi, Mrs Jean Mathanga, Miss Linda Kunje, Mr. Moffat Banda and Mrs Elvey Kalonga Mtafu took their oaths of office on July 4, 2016 in Lilongwe.

However, Commissioner Rev Baloyi was outside the country by that time and the Commission had to arrange for him to take his oath of office on Friday, July 15, 2016.

In his remarks after the swearing-in, Chief Justice, Andrew Nyirenda SC advised Commissioner Baloyi that his position would require him to serve the interests of the public and uphold the Republican Constitution.

“The oath symbolizes and establishes mutual trust of citizens in the public officer and the institutions they will serve. Yet as a symbol it can become meaningless if it is not individually and institutionally embedded and re-affirmed it remains a symbol without context,” said Chief Justice Nyirenda.

The Chief Justice encouraged the Commissioner to stand firm and deliver his work truthfully as a man of God saying that elections are emotive and tiring and that they require one to be strong.

“You have said today that you can be entrusted with and be trusted with the political process of elections. That is proclamation that you can be trusted with ultimate welfare of our nation. You will have special responsibility to safeguard public interest,” said Nyirenda.

The swearing in ceremony was attended by MEC Chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera SC; Chief Elections Officer, Willie Kalonga and other staff from Malawi Electoral Commission.