Keeping the voter certificate safe


The Malawi Electoral Commission is reminding all registered voters that it is their legal responsibility to keep safe the voter certificates
issued to them by the Malawi Electoral Commission. This is in view of reports that some people are going in homes copying voter certificates numbers.The Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act section 24(3) says “A person to whom a voter’s registration certificate has been issued
shall be personally responsible at all times for its safekeeping and shall not place or cause it to be placed in the custody of any other person or allow any other person to use it to vote in an election”.

The Commission is further informing the electorate that voting is by secret ballot so they should not be intimidated or persuaded to voteagainst their will because someone copied their voter certificate number.

The general public should know it is an offence to induce the sale or surrender of a registration certificate or to offer for sale, to buy or to surrender a voter certificate. The public is encouraged to report to the nearest police station any of these malpractices.The Commission is therefore urging all registered voters who have
given their certificates to a third party to get them back and keep for themselves. They should examine the certificate to see if it has not
been tampered with. If the third party is clinging to the certificate, the matter should be reported to Police.

It is a criminal act to retain someone’s voter certificate against his or her wish. The Commission is giving an assurance to all registered voters that they will vote on 17th October, 2017. The voters’ register will have details including name and picture of the certificate holder. So there is no way someone can make a fake certificate and vote in their stead. On the polling day if someone will bring a voter certificate whose details will be different from those in the register or a certificate
whose details are not found in the register, that person will not be allowed to vote. The person will further be asked to explain how the certificate was obtained. Should you need further information please contact our Media and Public Relations Director, Mr Sangwani Mwafulirwa on 0 881 375 349
or email


Signed this 8th day of September, 2017 at Blantyre
Harris Potani
For: Chief Elections Officer