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Commission, Management sharpen skills in public procurement

Posted by: Stanford Bonongwe
Category: News Updates

The Malawi Electoral Commission has organized a two-day training in public procurement for its Commissioners, Management and members of the Internal Procurement and Disposal of Assets Committee in Mangochi.

The two-day course, running from 16th  to 17th  August, 2021, will be facilitated by officials from the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDA).

Opening of the training, Commissioner Dr Emmanuel Fabiano, who is Chairperson of the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, said the training was in line with the Strategic Plan which is emphasizing on MEC having a well-trained workforce that can contribute to effective service delivery to the public.

Commissioner Dr Fabiano observed that it was important for everyone to be conversant with the procurement process as the Commission handles big budgets and most of it goes to procurement of goods and services.

“Everyone here is coming from a department that in one way or another is involved in the procurement chain, therefore, we need to appreciate the whole chain so that we can all contribute to effective procurement for the Commission,” he said.

He added that effective procurement would in turn save money, resources and time for the Commission through better demand management, better procurement decisions and keeping overheads at low position.

“Examples abound nationwide of how organizations have lost money because of mis-procurement of goods and services and also not following procedures. 

“As such the Commission needs to be careful on how it procures goods and services by always ensuring that it considers all laid down procedures, quality, quantity and cost for whatever is being purchased,” he said.

In his remarks PPDA board member, Mr Sam Chimang’anga thanked the Commission for orgnanising the course saying it demonstrated commitment to complying with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Act and the Procurement Regulations.





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