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Information requests under ATI law

The Malawi Electoral Commission is committed to providing information on its operations to all citizens regardless of their age, race, creed, political affiliation, financial or education status in full observance of Section 37 of the Constitution. A request for information can be made using the following methods which are also acceptable under the provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Access to Information Regulations as gazetted by the responsible minister:

  1. Through oral requests in person or phone call to the Information officer who is based at the MEC head office in Blantyre and also at any MEC district office across the country
  2. Through email to information@mec.org.mw
  3. Through signing an information request form as guided by the Minister of Information which can be downloaded here. The form can be printed and dropped at any MEC office or be sent through email to information@mec.org.mw or post to The Information Officer, Malawi Electoral Commission, Private Bag 113, Blantyre.
  4. By filling the information request form online here

After submitting the request for information, the Commission will communicate its decision whether to grant or refuse the request within fifteen days. In the event that the information requested is in the custody of another institution, the Commission will transfer that request to the information keeper.

Some requests for information might attract fees especially of they require digitization, printing, duplication, photocopying, printing and the Commission shall advise for such costs in line with the provisions of the Access to Information Act.

If you are unsatisfied with the decision of the Commission regarding your request you are free to apply for an internal review through the information officer within 60 days. Your application for review can be made orally or using the form that can be downloaded here. The Commission will notify you of its decision within five days. You shall not be charged a fee for an internal review.

Where, as an information seeker, you are not satisfied with the decision of the internal review, you are free to appeal for an external review to the Malawi Human Rights Commission whose details are found here

More details about processing of requests for information from MEC can be obtained from the Information officer whose details are below:

Information Officer: Mr Wellington Katantha

Email: information@mec.org.mw

Phone: +265 888 864 342