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Media and Public Relations Department

The Media and Public Relations Department (MPR) is the official source of the Commission’s news and information. The Department is committed to strengthening the Commission’s image and increasing brand awareness among local and international electoral stakeholders.

The overall goal of the Media and Public Relations Department is to ensure improved public image and awareness of the Malawi Electoral Commission activities and events. It has the following objectives.

  • Ensuring improved media coverage of MEC activities and events
  • Providing and transmitting information to all stakeholders on the electoral calendar
  • Providing a platform for electorate to interact with candidates for them to make informed choices
  • Providing reliable information necessary to the public so that informed decisions are made and that the public become familiar with the election procedures
  • Improving the image of the Commission in election management.
  • Ensuring wider debate among the electorate on electoral issues.

The Department manages and facilitates external relationships with the different communities including the media, the government and the general public. It also handles and manages internal communications.

It also manages information outlets including the website and social media platforms like Facebook, blog, Twitter, Instagramme, Scribd among others.

During the elections period, the Department also coordinates accreditation process of local and international observers.

In its day-to day operations, the Department is guide by the Communications Strategy (2015 to 2019) which was developed with support from the EU Democratic Governance Programme.

The Department has three staffs: the director and two press officers. However, during elections other temporary are engaged to help in accreditation process. The Department also supervises stringers (journalists) who are employed and deployed to the councils to helpin reporting about elections.